As the evening hours approach,

and the sun begins to set,

I can’t help but look up to the sky.


Scattered across the darkening blue

are sporadic pink strands of fluff,

and it reminds me of cotton candy.



He died for us so we could live.

He took away all our sins.

On the third day he did rise.

Everyone run and close your eyes!

It’s not love He wants, but something very strange.

Zombie Jesus comes begging for your brains!

While you were Gone


These curtains are ugly,

their color is very blah.

So I quickly pull them down,

and start to tear them apart.


Next are the pillows;

very outdated and flat.

So I quickly tug them down,

and start to tear them apart.


This vase is quite atrocious,

so boring and so plan.

So I quickly push it down,

and watch as it falls apart.



I feel a tingling sensation,

deep with my heart.

I let go of the old shoe I was remodeling,

and head toward the door.


In comes my human,

and I can see he’s quite upset.

But at the sight of my eagerness,

he bends down to rub my fur.


The day they first met

is forever engraved in his memory.

He smiles every time he thinks back.


She is the most precious thing to him in the world,

and nothing can change that.

For she is his first, and hopefully his last.

He loves her, and he will never let her go.


He buys her new things each week;

things that make her fancy,

things that make her beautiful,

thing that keep her happy,

things that make her his.


She keeps herself healthy;

running for miles every day.

She keeps herself satisfied;

filling up when she is empty.

She keeps herself available;

always being there when he needs her most.


He respects her more than anything else,

but he is afraid.

He’s afraid she growing tired.

He’s afraid she’s growing old.

He’s afraid she’ll die.


They’ve been together for ten years;

but it’s time for her to leave.

There will be others,

but they will never fully replace her.


She will linger in his heart and stay forever true;

but now he has found something quite new.

Perhaps he’ll name her Charlotte Two.

Blue jay

Standing on the edge;
on the tiny little ledge,
on the tiny little ledge.

I take one last breath;
on the verge on death,
on the verge of death.

I close my eyes;
on the way to demise,
on the way to demise.

But then I begin to think;
on the brink,
on the brink.

This does not make sense;
on the fence,
on the fence.

I look over and see a blue jay;
on the beautiful bay,
on the beautiful bay.

And then again at the ledge;
on the small edge,
on the small edge.

I take a step back;
on the right tack,
on the right track.

And find my blue jay;
I’ll be okay,
I’ll be okay.

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