Just Inching Along




Taken April 2009 with a Finepix camera


Many Names

You’ve been called

Yoda for your perky ears

Chewbacca for your unique growl

Gremlin for your small frame

Elvis for your upper lip.


You’ve been called

Stinky for your smell

Pest for your constant begging

Stupid for your low IQ

Ugly for your furless tummy.


You’ve been called

Adorable for your irresistible face

Child-like for your short spurts

Needy for your demand of attention

Porky for your plump body.


You’ve been called

Sweetie for your cuddly nature

Cutie for your eagerness

Loveable for your loyalty

Old for your age.


You will be called

Best friend for always being there

Unforgettable for creating a memory

Special for being one of a kind

Angel for your place in heaven.

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Mouth parched;
need something to
quickly quench my thirst.

Open fridge;
grab the first
bubbly beverage I see.

Twist cap;
hear the fizz
escaping the bottle rapidly.

Pour drink;
tip the glass,
and taste the sweetness.

Sslluurrp ahh;
all the satisfaction
floods my anticipating mouth.

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